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Dear Friend, welcome to HomeGrownHerbs.Info!

My name is Oz Frae, and I've been enjoying herbs and the benefits they provide in nutrition, taste, aroma, alternative health and flavorful, oh-so wholesome cooking for more than 30 years. I love 'em.

I love what they do for a meal... what they generate in pleasing and therapeutic aromas... and, what they mean in my medicine cabinet, too.

In that time, I've gained a fairly decent amount of knowledge about gardening and growing herbs at home.

I became an herb and herbal enthusiast, and I love sharing what I know and have learned with others who love what I love:  to grow and enjoy herbs.

I find nothing as fulfilling as exchanging herb garden information with other gardeners and helping those who may have struggled with growing herbs at home... who may have given up because of poor results... and, those who may want to be more successful in cultivating home grown herbs.

I want to do this free of any charge.

So, I invite you to look through this site.

Freely browse the links you'll find here for more herb garden information.

  • If you're a beginning gardener, you'll find a wealth of information to get you started.

  • If you're a veteran, you'll probably find some material that may be new to you.

Let me know what you think, or what particular topic you would like to know more of. Meanwhile ...

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Tips for Indoor Herb Gardening

Growing Herbs in Container Pots

Rejuvenate Soils the Natural, Organic Way

Home Grown Herbs

Brighten Your Windows This Winter By Using An Herb Garden To Cheer Them Up!

Herbs in a Kit

Storing and Preserving the Harvest of Your Home Grown Herbs

Much More ...

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Medicinal Herbs Sustain
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You Will Learn...

  • How to Go About Choosing The Type of Herb Garden
    That is Right for You...

  • Home Grown HerbsThe Best Location to Plant Your Garden...

  • Tips for Setting Up a Beautiful Indoor or Outdoor Herb Garden That'll Be the Envy of Your Guests, Neighbors and Friends, and other Gardeners...

  • Three Culinary Herbs Every Garden Must Contain...

  • The Top 3 Medicinal Herbs You'll Want to Cultivate No-Matter-What...

  • The Best Method to Protect Your Herbs in cold weather and in Winter...

  • A One Secret Weapon for Successful Cultivation of Your Home Grown Herbs...

  • The Kind of Light and Intensity Required for Indoor and windowsill cultivation...

  • Plus Much, Much More to Get You Started and Your Garden Into a Growing State!

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Here's to your new garden!

Ozzie Frae

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